Dallas International Guitar Festival


Dallas International Guitar Festival

Every year, in Dallas Texas, country artists, rockers, blues artists, R&B musicians and some of the most talented guitarists come together for the Dallas International Guitar Festival.  With names such as Samantha Fish, Frank Hannon, Randy Hansen, George Lynch, Anna popvik, Larry Mitchell, Ally Venable and newer faces such as JT Loux and Reece Malone and hosted by Eddie Tunk, fans can’t ask for more, and let me tell you that these names are just a few of my favs, but there’s a line-up for every genre, every age and every sex!!

Personally, this was my first showing to this incredible fest.  I hail from  Monterey California and with music lock-downs having been part of my life for the last 16 months, the DIGF was calling my name!  I was primarily here for Frank Hannon of Tesla, JT Loux, his band and frontman Dino McCord, lead singer for Red VooDoo.  However there were so many other artists that I loved, I decided to do an article on the entire event! 

For me it all started in Ardmore, Oklahoma at the Two Frogs Grill where Frank Hannon, JT Loux and Dino McCord covered amazing songs from Tesla, Led Zeppelin and a host of other amazing tracks from yesteryear.  Then of course there was JT Loux and his band performing hits off their new CD titled “Taken By Moonlight” … Incredible originals Produced by Mr Hannon himself!!

The next day Saturday I found myself waking up a bit late due to the early long drive back to Dallas and the first band I see on the main stage is Ally Venable, never heard of her, never seen her, never heard her music, and all I have to say is wow!!!  So besides my love for Frank Hannon and Samantha Fish, Ally was my 3rd favorite from the DIGF.  Her soulful, bluesy and sometimes raspy voice was heartfelt and the undertones of her guitar stylings def had a bit of Stevie Ray lingering in there somewhere!!  Overall a kick ass performance, and now new fan of hers.  To the point where I subscribed to her YT Channel.

Frank Hannon JT Loux and Dino McCord never disappoints and words will never describe everything that goes on.  Hannon’s history goes way back, but most notably as lead guitarist and founding member of the rock group Tesla. JT Loux, a Sacramento, California artist has pretty much been on the rock scene since he was like 13 or 14.  His unique guitar playing definitely laid the foundation to where he is today along with guidance from Hannon who is in- kind to today’s musical youth and known for creating new talent within.  Dino McCord’s vocals are simply one of a kind!  His vocal range, stage presence and star power for a 17 year old is bar none, and his own band Red VooDoo has made some serious noise here in NorCal and also gets radio play!  But I will say that after that crew’s performance, they got the biggest cheer and applause of them all!!

Another big surprise for me however was the incredible guest appearance Of Reece Malone brought up on stage with Hannon to perform the awesome Alman Bro’s tune of Ramblin Man.  An amazingly talented young artist, Reece blended in like he was part of the band, and when I found out this info on him, I wasn’t surprised one bit.  

Reece Malone is just 17 from Longview Tx.  He’s endorsed by Gibson.

He’s the only kid in Texas to be endorsed by Gibson G3 program & 1 of 18 in the entire world. He’s the only teenager from Texas to be invited to play Eric Clapton’s Crossroads last year. He’s also endorsed by Ernie Ball & Homestead Amplifiers and has been playing since he was 5.  He’s influenced by Eric Gales, Derek Trucks, Marcus King & Warren Haynes. His 1st band (at the age of 10) was produced by Lance Lopez. His singer in his current band “The Reece Malone Band” is Kayla Reeves (lead singer for Trans Siberian Orchestra. OK!!! What???  How many 17 year olds can boast a resume like this?  Malone is going places … He’s a Phenom!! 

The allstar performance, the ladies of rock, the top guitar companies and manufacturers along with anything that has to do with guitars like strings, amps, lighting etc were there.  All the big names under one roof.  I mean what can I say?  I’m pretty sure I’ll be back again next year!!

There’s way too much to mention here, and I didn’t see all the artists perform because there just wasn’t enough time in a day to make that happen, but I will end this with Samantha Fish, who has for a long time been one of fav female artists!!  Not too much can be said about this awesome sassy, classy vocalist / guitarist … Can I just add in a ton more descriptives?  Samantha is just a pleasure to watch, she commands the stage and get’s er done!  Her stage presence lets you know you’re going to get a kick ass show!!

OK, so all in all, what an amazing weekend of bad-assness, yeah I know, it’s a Cali term used well out here for describing something that is insanely killer!!  I highly recommend this event, as well checking out all the talent mentioned in their line-up, as well here in this featured article, and always be sure to check out every vendor present … Anyone got ear plugs?

Authored by Frankie J.