SwanFest 2022 … Another Dance Gavin Dance production soars with, from what I heard, was a respectable 11k in ticket sales.  Although not verified by me, there was definitely a sizable crowd to throw out amazing stage performances to!  With two stages often overlapping a bit, it made it difficult to cover and shoot every band, and at one point tech sound difficulties on the main stage threw the set times off even more.

I will say however,  that a few times the second smaller stage out performed the main stage!  Of course this is IMHO.  The “progressive, alternative, screamo rock and sometimes blended metal genre was indeed demanded by the music thirsty and ornery fans that love this type of line up.  On several occasions small mosh pits happened but nothing ever got out of control.  Lots of crowd surfing which is what you come to expect and enjoy!

Some of the bands I felt stood apart were Knocked Loose, who got the fans frenzied into oblivious excitement, Animals as Leaders who mezmorized the entire event with their guitar wizardry and masterful arrangements … and then without doubt, Dance Gavin Dance!  They ended the night with everyone’s arms up in the air, the loyal fans singing along with the grooves.  The only real gripe I had was that I felt the sound system wasn’t sufficient enough for that size crowd.  Walking out 75’ from the stage you should still hear and feel, and that wasn’t happening.  Perhaps it’s my f’ed up ears?  

All in all, the fans came and enjoyed the overall experience which was expressed by their faces during the concert.  Would I go again next year?  Hell yeah!  It was put together in such a short amount of time considering what’s been going on with DGD, but also the covid craziness, so I applaud their efforts in arranging a fest that normally takes a year to organize!!