MINISTRY Brings Their Industrial Strength Metal


SAN FRANCISCO — What do you get when you have a backdrop with visual stimulation for grungy nightclub scenes in a movie type setting? Ministry explaining their powerful message of climate, and political theater through eye catching graphics and industrial sludge that brainwashes the senses.

Ministry is without doubt a master of inducing their brand into the concrete minds of their fans and followers! The show was sold out and started with a “Ministry stands with Ukraine” message along with the country’s flag as an opening statement in what they believe in! Ministry front-man Al Jourgensen greeted the San Francisco crowd … He’s definitely no stranger to this region.

Starting it all off with “Breathe” from the “A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste” CD, one of their installments from decades ago got the fans up on their feet and cheering on with super strong riffs and crunches setting the tone and drive force feeding more, and more to embed their mechanism like an implanted device that controls your brain.

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If you’re into visuals and metal strength chords with dystopian overtones, Ministry is what you need to see! With tracks such as Burning Inside, Thieves and Alert Level, and other songs from their 15th incredible installment “Moral Hygiene” … You can’t miss, and you’ll find yourself in an induced coma that they are known to bring to that stage!!

All in all, you get the jest and message of what’s going on! Powerful and deliberate, there’s no doubt it couldn’t be achieved with their slough of mulit-media stage effects and 5th dimension musical stylings.

  • Al Jourgensen – lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming, harmonica, bandolin, production
  • John Bechdel – keyboards
  • Cesar Soto – guitars, backing vocals
  • Monte Pittman – guitar
  • Paul D’Amour – bass
  • Roy Mayorga – drums