Austin Mo Opens For Tesla at Thunder Valley


Watching this kid (Austin Mo) grow musically since he was 14 was surely something to see.  It was evident that his artistic chops in playing the guitar started becoming something special and he quickly became a local favorite as time flew by.  

Fast forward to today, Austin now 24 years old has created quite the buzz performing at festivals and opening for national touring acts such as Y&T & Jared James Nichols.  But the story in this feature is a bit different … When Telsa came through on tour to their hometown and supporting act BuckCherry canceled, it was Austin Mo that was called at 7am, day of the show to fill in and with Austin being the only other bands on the bill, this gave him a direct support slot for one of the best rock acts on today’s touring circuit. 

Prior to this major news, Austin started attracting the attention of a few key, influential music figures from different parts of the country such as “Joe Merrick” to collaborate on a few projects which definitely helped shape his career in the direction Austin wanted to go.  This, and with the engineering expertise of Frank Hannon in producing some of Austin’s southern rock tracks like “Take A Walk In My Shoes” along with his latest video release “The River” which thrust his existence into his next life as a future rock star!

Austin creates his own hype and has gained a very loyal following.  Give him a listen, see him live, buy his tracks, subscribe to his music and witness the growth of our youth with serious rock roots! After the amazing Doug Thomas the on air personality at 96.9 The Eagle Sacramento introduced Austin Mo, the Thunder Valley show went off the charts and he showed the NorCal crowd that he can take that stage and make it his own!

Austin Mo: