When Tesla is on tour and makes a stop at their home-town, fans get excited and tickets sell quickly.  However this tour promises to excite these Sacramento rockers even more because there’s brand new ass kickin’ tracks that haven’t been played live on their turf!  And the secret surprise was that one new track will debut, right here in NorCal.  

Tesla opened with “Modern Day Cowboy” (my personal yester-year fav) which was their very first release in 86 On MTV’s infamous Headbangers Ball.  David Lee Roth personally loved that song and video and Tesla found themselves on DLR’s “Eat Em and Smile” tour, and they also cut their teeth as openers for Def Leppard; soon after earning headline status! From this point on, the Tesla Rock & Roll locomotive never stopped moving forward and became a band that still endures the test of time today!  Damn, that was a mouth full …

If that wasn’t enough, the 2nd song was Hang Tough which Tesla hadn’t played live in 5 years, and this flowed into a new track and video release “Cold Blue Steel” which has roared live and has become part of everyone’s playlist!  So yeah, you’re catching the drift here.  This was gearing up to be a heart thumpin’, hard rockin’ one of a kind concert.

With other major songs on this nights set list that anchor Tesla into their rock roots were tracks like “What You Give” and “Love Song” which are always fan favorites and pretty much guarantees the crowd up on their feet with fists and horns in the air as well singing along.  

But what had to be an incredible moment was two of their ending encore songs!  The first one was the debut of their brand new, unreleased track “Time To Rock”  WOW, in Tesla fashion, with Hannon & Rude’s hard guitar crunches and leads, to Wheat’s deep bass lines with Brown’s smashing drums, and of course the unmistakable vocals of Jeff Keith;  This frenzied the crowd into an unbelievable state of craziness I haven’t seen before at a live Tesla concert. 

So this all ended with the classic song “Signs” as their final encore.  Have you ever heard a crowd of 6k plus sing louder than the band? We witnessed this in Sacramento!!  If anything felt like concert camaraderie, it’s this.  The bottom line?  This could very well be the best TESLA Live show to date!!  They always deliver, they never disappoint.  I’m beyond words my rocking friends!  Get tickets, buy their new tracks and enjoy a legendary rock band that has still got what it takes to fill arenas.  

Tesla is:  Frank Hannon, Brian Wheat, Jeff Keith, Dave Rude, Troy Luccketta, Steve Brown ( tour fill in)


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