Buddy Guy & Ally Venable / Incredible Musicianship at the Crest Theater, Sacramento.?


It’s an honor and good thing that blues icon Buddy Guy, at 86 years young, still tours to give the public an educational historic lesson through his amazing stage performance and emotional stories that come with it.  Guy’s bond with the fans are bar none and definitely gives the crowd a grasp of the hardship emerging black blues artists had back in the day!  

But what is truly awesome is mentoring a younger artist “Ally Venable” under this genre by having them tour with him which is nothing short of mind blowing!  Together they seduced the stage and audience with moods beyond what guitars can normally do, each with their own guitar swagger and expertise to create the atmosphere that the paying fans come for. 

Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, and Howling Wolf were all cut from the same cloth, the same trials and tribulations and the same hardship that made those artists what they became, so we’re truly blessed and grateful that this legend is still around for us to witness.

As for Ally Venable, I found it extremely refreshing to see artists such as her to not only reinvent blues with a rock ellement, but doing it in a way that didn’t jeopardize the integrity of what both of those genres stood for to begin with.  I became a fan of hers two years ago when I saw her live in Dallas Texas.  I’ve been following her since!

So in closing, I don’t need to be telling anyone to go see this touring concert, or give a set list and use buzz keywords in a review because it’s a no-brainer!  You don’t go see this only for the blues, you go see this because Buddy is a legendary icon and he’s got a gifted artist named Ally Venable sharing the stage with him!  You get historic presence and a current fresh vibe … And I’m not sure you can get better than that!