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Having grown up with UFO as one of my all time favorite bands, it was Michael Schenker’s guitar tones and shreds that made me a huge fan of him … Needless to say, I’ve been following his career ever since. As everyone knows, I really don’t write about history and the past of an artist or band because anyone that’s a fan usually already knows that info! So here I am again talking about what’s currently exciting about this incredible musician and how he’s still relevant in todays rock & roll genre.

MSG has indeed cone out with yet another installment of rock creativeness and his latest release “Fighter” Video; Universal Full-Length Out Now On Atomic Fire Records in typical Schenker style which you can see / hear here:

Now on to the live show at Goldfields in Roseville, California. It’s a new venue that has the sound dialed in for sure. For the fans it’s a great place to witness great bands on tour, one of these kick ass band was Michael Schenker in their 50th Anniversary Universal World Tour 2022. Although not really set up for photography; made getting awesome shots a challenge.

Michael’s guitar swagger and leads always steals the show for me, and bringing back many of the UFO classics definitely had the fans rockin’ into yesteryear! Not bad place to be if you’re a huge fan. Overall another amazing concert put on by the master and if this show stops by a venue near you, I’d strongly suggest the scooping up a couple tickets. There’s plenty of shows left in their tour to see a few!


Michael Schenker – lead guitar

Ronnie Romero – vocals

Bodo Schopf – drums

Steve Mann – keyboards, guitars

Barend Courbois – bass

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