Fuel the Funeral Entertainment is proud to be welcoming an array of new talent, both on and off the stage! Please join us in formally welcoming our new Head of Booking, Kevin Palmiero, and Booking Agent, Billy McDonald. We are also excited to be welcoming Eve to Adam, Anthony Krizan, Lockjaw, Tyler Tisdale, Grits & Greens, and The Chitlins to our booking roster! Kevin has been working directly with each of these artists for some time and we are glad to see each of them join him in becoming a part of the Fuel the Funeral family!

As Head of Booking, Kevin brings 8+ years of knowledge and experience in booking for both young emerging regional acts and international artists. Having previously worked for TKO Booking, Kevin broke into a large scale under the guidance of Andrew Goodfriend, stating, “I was fortunate enough to work with Andrew, as I and many consider him to be one of the best in the business, having a wide resume and working with many of the biggest names in music.” Under TKO, Kevin has had the opportunity to work with many national artists! Billy McDonald is no stranger to many of you, as you can frequency find him covering shows both local and national with Rock-N-Review. Not happy with the way rock’n’roll was being represented in his region, Billy began a quest with Rock-N-Review to shine a light on his local scene any way he could.

When asked about joining FTF, Billy said, “Avoiding the snakes in this industry has kept my trust circle small. Comprised of like-minded individuals, over the years I found myself naturally gravitating to FTF’s events. I know everyone involved personally, and genuinely them, so it seemed a natural next step when they approached me about booking. Nothing I’ve ever done before, if I can help keep a band on the road, I’m going to give them an honest effort”. With our Artist Roster growing, we’re excited to see our booking team grow with it, and we’re even more excited to continue this growth by continuing to seek out and accept applications for Booking Agents. If anyone is interested in joining our booking team, please visit www.fuelthefuneralentertainment.com to get in touch and send us your CV!