Deconstruct Debut To A Packed House in NorCal


From conception 3 years ago, to a full metal assault, Deconstruct’s vision of Post Apocalyptic Metal came to a reality with their brutal, rockin’ stage performance!  After a torturous search for the right vocalist and front-man, an unlikely candidate was chosen through many auditions.  Ash Hades just seemed to fit and after working with the band for about a year, his image and vocal range was honed in to complete the story of how this all came about!

I had the pleasure of witnessing several studio rehearsals and I gotta say that Deconstruct is a fine tuned machine, and I knew they had what it takes to hit the circuit.   From their themed stage setup, movie makeup artistry, their sic props, custom lighting and overall crushing performance, they nailed a live show  metal concert that would rival any top ranked metal band on the touring circuit today!

It all started with a fully packed house not only with fans, but lots of other noted musicians who grace the Sacramento region as well as Sammy Radio / Red Rocker and music royalty Twanna Turner, daughter of the famous “King Of Rock n Roll”  Ike Turner, and her incredibly talented guitarist husband, Robert Oliver!  In Twanna’s own words; “Last night Robert Oliver and I had the immense pleasure and honor to experience the epic debut performance of the majorly talented band “Deconstruct” at the Goldfield Trading Post, in Roseville, Ca.  They mesmerized their audience with dramatic performances”.

A full live 5 camera angle pro video recording and professional photography was part of the debut to capture the entirety of the concert … Something I’m definitely looking forward to seeing.  Joe Fraulob / lead guitarist, Bobby Real / bassist, Tom Frost / drummer, and Ash Hades frontman and vocalist took stage with a massive LED back wall video intro then slammed right into the first song of their set Welcome To The End which moved the entire crowd with horns in the air and front of stage craziness.  From this point on it was like watching a metal musical with a brutal stage strike force feeding their gritty, crunchy, hard hitting end of the world strains down the throats of every fan in the house!  Tracks like Machine, False Idols, Ashen Empire and Useless were crowd favorites and all had it’s own take on the afterworld and survivors.  Deconstruct ended it with the only cover of the night with Heaven And Hell which was the perfect choice for an encore!

After ending the night of frenzied fuckin’ metal, the fans stuck around for what it seemed like at least an hour for meet & greet photos, buying merch and just wanting to meet the band.  As for myself, I sort of knew what was coming, but not to this level of professionalism.  What a freakin’ concert!  Many people I talked to were asking about when the next concert was.

All in all?  Get your rockin’ ass down to the next Deconstruct concert and support this kick-ass band!!  There will be no regrets!  I think big things will be happening in the near future. See photos below!



Joe Farulob / Lead Guitars

Booby Real / Bass

Tom Frost / Drummer

Ash Hades / Vocals

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