Static-X Wisconsin Death Trip tour


Authored by Frankie James

Anyone got earplugs?

Perhaps one of the most anticipated, as well controversial tours to hit the circuit, Static-X will without a doubt thrill the crowd into a chaotic, industrialized spin with electronic twinging together with an alternative grungy, hypnotic feel and vibe … and wow that was a mouthful but definitely needed to fully describe what was going on stage in one breath!  It’s been a long haul for Static-X after it primarily took off with their amazing revelation of their platinum selling  “Wisconsin Death Trip” album.  Their success continued to gain momentum with six more album instalments after where the band started slowing down due to personal issues, internal gripes as well substance abuse which sadly contributed to the death of Wayne Static in November, 2014.

Since the unfortunate timing and passing of Wayne Static, the band lost themselves and had a hard time getting back on track to once again find where they belong … until they reinvented themselves with some new and some old never released material that included Wayne’s vocals and barely recorded track files that never hit the market. Tony, Koichi and Ken reunited last fall and announced that they were working on a new album, featuring these rare gems of Wayne’s unused vocal tracks, unfinished songs and other original arrangements and figured out a way to utilize to its full potential as well as a way to tour.

The Static-X Wisconsin Death Trip was born! 

The venue, House of Blues in Las Vegas.  Extremely well suited for this genre and sold out to full capacity.  The line of frenzied fans wasn’t as long, but it was wide 10 to 12 people because it seemed everyone wanted to be up against the barriers in front of the stage and needed to get in first or close to it!  Devil Driver & Dope supporting which I’ll review separately and Wednesday 13 as opener, all of which led me to believe that the mosh pit will get out of control and it’s one of those times I’m glad there’s a barrier between the fans and the stage.  Last thing I needed was $8k of my camera gear damaged.

It was decided to have their new singer wear a mask closely resembling Wayne Static in close detail including the electrified hair. So the mystery continues and kept everyone guessing who this killer vocalist was?  There was a huge intro that seemed like it lasted for 5 minutes, a lifetime in metal years lol.  The stage was dark with the exception of the led panels flashing the good times had from the Static-X wonder years which definitely induced the crowd with anticipation and the screams and orars grew louder by the minute.

Then Xer0’s silhouette appeared and the place fell apart with deafening screams that forced me to put my ear plugs in!!  Yes, that loud.  With Zer0’s mask eerily reminiscent of Wayne Static, the fans were undecided and kinda confused as what to expect … That is until their opening track “Bled For Days” actually could have bleed the ears and that started the insane barrage of head bangs, fist pumps, mosh circles and the familurairity that Static-X is known for, yeah they rock, they are back and Xer0 is proving that he belongs.  The track flowed right into “Wisconsin Death Trip” and by the time the third song on the list “Sweat of the Bud” ended Static-X had pretty much summed it up and secured their fans into realising nothing much has changed.

I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed a new singer get so well received as Xer0 has.  I gotta say, it was nice to not see the band-wagon, wine-sippin’ fan talk smack.  I didn’t hear one single negative comment about Zer0, which had 5 ton shoes to fill, but he did it well.  The band went into “Black and White, Destroy All, Behemoth” then just before the end of the set the ripped into  “I’m With Stupid” and finally “Push It” to finalize the list.  All in all, nothing short of amazing, well done, well executed and proof they have some extremely loyal fans!!  Merch sale exploded!!

In closing, if you get a chance and the concert isn’t sold out, get yourself a ticket, or get one on the secondary market.

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